Hey everyone, my name is Mike from a new game and app development studio called phobium, and I’m the developer of an upcoming game that I call Raid Encounters.  Raid Encounters is sort of an on-rails shooter with RPG elements like loot, XP, skill customization, and of course, raid bosses.

I’ve been hard at work on the game for a little over two weeks now and have nearly completed the foundation of the game mechanics and gameplay.  I’m using JavaScript and Phaser to create the game with my own pixel artwork and designs.  It’s been a learning process for sure, in both the coding and the design.  I’ve also been recording custom background music and sound effects as well and I shouldn’t have to outsource much of anything if things keep progressing as they are.

So here’s a mock-up of the “Your Avatar” menu, which shows some basic information about your avatar which you may refer to as a character, or toon in traditional RPG type games.


In Raid Encounters, there are no tangible characters in-game besides mobs and bosses. You are the character and you essentially cycle through your main weapons: Acid, Fire, Ice, Life, Lightning, and Plague, all of which are differently suited for unique situations and enemies.

There’s definitely going to be a lot of gameplay adjusting as development continues, so everything is subject to change in order to maintain a good flow for both PC and mobile gamers.

Check back for updates and keep up with the more technical side of things as development continues!