Scaling Gameplay With The Leveling System

At its heart, Raid Encounters is a mobile game that is meant to be brought with you for quick gameplay while in transit or any other time you need to kill a couple of minutes.  While there will tentatively be a ‘Grind Mode’, it’s important that the scope of the project stays simple and doesn’t require players to get to high levels and properly spend skill points to experience all of the different dungeons, bosses, and other mobs.  The simplest way to do this, while still rewarding XP and levels is with a scaling system.

As of right now, and mainly because the game is still just being tested and designed not properly played yet, dungeon difficulty is static.  The Magma Spawns in Dungeon One are levels 1-3 and have about 1,200 HP.  Once your Hero reaches, say, level 50, pretty much every mob in this dungeon will be one-hittable.  The raid boss encounter would be trivial because not only would you one hit him, but the hostile environment won’t be hostile at all.  As a level 1, you can absorb about 2-3 environmental fireballs in a row before you’re dead.  As a level 50, you really don’t have to do anything, and this could potentially open up ways to automatically level by just having the dungeon open.

The Elder Scrolls games I’ve played (just Oblivion and Skyrim, don’t hurt me), scale the experience and it works kind of well.  I managed to beat Oblivion in a few days by not going to sleep (in-game).  Tentatively, there are 12 different dungeons in Raid Encounters 1.0.  Each dungeon, upon a successful completion, should take 2-5 minutes.  It shouldn’t have to stop there.  You shouldn’t be restricted to getting your XP and challenge from just the last dungeons because the first levels become trivial.  This is important, so there will be no real way to level up to immense power and have no more challenge left — you’ll be able to go to any of the dungeons you’ve already beaten at any time and experience increased XP rewards, damage, and power.  DPS scores will go up, obviously, but with proper scaling on my part, the time high scores should be equal across the board.

I’ve also changed the core fight mechanic of the game, but more on that later.