Now Playable on Kongregate with Scoreboard!


I am pleased to announce that Raid Encounters has been published on Kongregate and we’ve been able to implement a high score system for its users for both Damage Per Second and Completion Time in all Twelve Encounters as well as Survival! Mode survival time.

The best part is that your Saved Game from playing here on will carry over to your Kongregate game, so use your Raid Party and conquer their scoreboards!


Open Beta Begins

I am very pleased to announce that Raid Encounters is now available to play for PC Users.  Development has been ongoing for months now, and will continue over the coming weeks.  Changes will be made often as balancing commences and there could even be game-breaking changes that occur and your saved games may be erased at some points, so keep that in mind!

Feel free to invite everyone you know to play Raid Encounters, and if you find bugs make sure to send an email to bugs [at] raidencounters(dot)com.


New Website Coming Soon

Raid Encounters is nearly content-complete, and to get my mind off of the drudgery of programming I’ve taken some time to learn the wonderful Bootstrap 3 framework, and I ended up with a website that will be truly complementive of Raid Encounters.  It will serve as an information hub and even have features that are reactive to your progress in the game.  It’s very cool and something that’s really easy to do with a browser-based iteration of the game.

I’ll have more details shortly, but I truly feel this is something that could open the eyes of a lot of HTML5 game developers to see what’s truly possible outside of the game itself when you can harness the abilities of the entire web.