Beta Updates [5/23/15]

Gameplay Updates

  • Pixel Spawns and Pixel Keepers now move much faster
  • Coronus will no longer heal himself for 500, but instead for a percentage of his max health
  • There are now additional Gargoyles during the Skyline boss fight
  • Gargoyles now throw stones much slower in Survival! Mode
  • You can now accumulate a maximum of 20 seconds of time in Survival! Mode. ┬áThis is to prevent players from accumulating several minutes and then using it to pad to their end time by keeping a single monster alive and avoiding it while the Elapsed time rises.
  • Plague damage now hits harder in relation to your Raid Party’s max health
  • Adjusted Avatar Speed
  • Adjusted Attack Power Bonus

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue which could lead to memory leak in Lair of Coronus
  • Fixed issue where your Raid Party would remain plagued after an Encounter was beaten
  • Fixed bug where ‘NaN’ would show up in place of ‘0’ for milliseconds in Raid Times