Beta Updates [7/5/15]

MAJOR PATCH 2 is now live!  Tons of new features, optimizations, bug fixes, gameplay changes, and much more are in store for all players.  You may have noticed these changes slowly being trickled in over the past month, but now we should be good to go.  We will be searching for bugs tonight and tomorrow, but if you run into something weird make sure to report it!

Thanks all for the support and the love you show for Raid Encounters, we have much more on the way soon!

UI  / HUD Updates

  • Health bar UI updated for Player and Raid Bosses
  • Avatar buttons now larger
  • Avatar icons redesigned
  • Raid Party now shows a health bar and your level
  • When you die, there is a new display that lets players know what killed them
  • Start Menu slightly redesigned
  • XP to level now shown in Your Raid screen in Menu
  • Buttons more visible
  • New loading screen
  • Your Raid Party will now glow the color of your selected Avatar to make them easier to find in chaotic encounters
  • Multi-touch support tweaked

Gameplay Updates

  • Different Avatars now move at different speeds
  • Plague and Acid Avatars will no longer bounce off of Monsters, but instead go through them.  To prevent cheesing, they still bounce off of Raid Bosses
  • The Fire Cult will now spawn more monsters per wave
  • Inkie is now slower
  • The Inquisitor has new movement patterns
  • Deepest Bluest is now 4 Waves
  • Jellyfish no longer pursue you, but will instead stop to eat at you
  • Zombies will now become aggroed when they bite you once, and will pursue you until you or them die
  • Eyeballs are now smaller
  • Losing focus of the game window will now pause the game on PC

Bug Fixes

  • Monster AI much more efficient, meaning a decent sized performance boost
  • Health bars over monster heads now more consistent and shouldn’t overlap monster body
  • If a stat is at 100, the plus icon will no longer be lit up
  • DoT damage will now properly affect the Raid Boss Health Bar display
  • Coronus will only heal in whole numbers now
  • Removed Avatar sound from Coronus’s Avatar because it could get annoying fast
  • Fixed issue where health healed from Life Avatar would animate improperly
  • Snipe Shots more predictable
  • Fixed bug that would award the Survive for 3 Minutes With No Power Up Achievement
  • Menu button works better in Tutorial
  • When a Monster misses your Raid Party, blood will no longer be drawn and the screen will not flash
  • Fixed issue where killing the Raid Bosses of Technophobia and Necropolis would not add to Raid Boss Kill Count