Beta Updates [7/5/15]

MAJOR PATCH 2 is now live!  Tons of new features, optimizations, bug fixes, gameplay changes, and much more are in store for all players.  You may have noticed these changes slowly being trickled in over the past month, but now we should be good to go.  We will be searching for bugs tonight and tomorrow, […]

Beta Updates [6/5/15]

Gameplay Updates You can now spend available skill points in game by clicking or tapping the Menu button at the bottom right corner There are now new abilities which are unlocked when you get a skill to 50 points: Power – When Player Health goes below 20% you will do double damage until health goes above […]

Beta Updates [5/28/15]

Gameplay Snipe Shot achievement reworded to accurately reflect players needing to land 5 snipe shots in a row, not necessarily having to kill the monsters as well. Bug Fixes More performance tweaks and memory management improvements.  Mobile users should now see significant increases in frame rate when playing for prolonged sessions

Beta Updates [5/27/15]

Gameplay Changed most pop-up animations when damaging, sniping, or pulling off combos on monsters Changed text size of some pop-ups Brightened background on Into The Void to better see Undead Mages and Undead Oracles on some mobile displays Bug Fixes Tons of new memory improvements

Beta Updates [5/24/15]

Gameplay Updates Adjusted amount of mummies that spawn during Necropolis Raid Boss fight Lowered health of Ghostlands Raid Boss Bug Fixes Fixed issue that could result in a crash when progressing to the next encounter after beating the current encounter Fixed issue where raising your health to above 3,000 wouldn’t trigger the achievement Performance tweaks […]

Beta Updates [5/23/15]

Gameplay Updates Pixel Spawns and Pixel Keepers now move much faster Coronus will no longer heal himself for 500, but instead for a percentage of his max health There are now additional Gargoyles during the Skyline boss fight Gargoyles now throw stones much slower in Survival! Mode You can now accumulate a maximum of 20 […]

Beta Updates [5/22/15]

Bug Fixes Fixed issue where old player save data wasn’t being upgraded for the Achievement System and could not earn trophies. Fixed issue with earning trophies for 5 Consecutive Snipe Shots, 20 Point Combo, and Survivor! Mode with No Power-ups for 3 Minutes If players already have all 6 Scintillating Avatar Gems, they will be retroactively […]