Deepest Bluest takes you on a wild ride to the bottom of the ocean floor as you battle vicious Jellyfish who try their best to catch your raid party the deeper you go. Once you near the bottom, you'll do battle with Inkie.



Superfast Jellyfish are, as their name implies, very fast sea creatures which stop at nothing to get to your party by any means necessary. If they do catch the raid, they will grab and slap the group with their tentacles. If there is one reprieve when fighting these annoying buggers, it's that they cannot swim upwards or downwards to grab at you. Regardless, they will make your trek to the bottom of the sea floor very challenging.

Ghostly Jellyfish are the Elite Monsters in Deepest Bluest. Their attacks and movement behavior are identical to the Superfast Jellyfish creatures, but their attacks are much more lethal and they have much more health points. They also have the ability to swim upwards and downwards to track your raid party down, so be careful!

Both of these water-based monsters are extremely resistant to Ice Damage, which is a shame because it'd slow them down while chasing you relentlessly through the water. That being said, they are extremely vulnerable to Lightning Damage. With the unique ability the Lightning Avatar harnesses (sparks nearby enemies for additional damage), this will work great if you cluster all of the monsters you can together and let them have it.

Raid Boss: INKIE

Inkie is the mythical creature at the bottom of the sea floor, and he doesn't let you attack him at will. This Raid Boss will zip back and forth across the sea floor, tearing up anything in his path including you. Your chances to hit him will be limited since he swims so fast, and you'll also be warding off Jellyfish while trying to down this guy.

Once Inkie reaches half health, he will begin to become much more aggressive and fast, so be careful!


Inkie will sometimes drop a Scintillating Ice Gem which brings monsters to a complete stop when they're frozen by your Ice Avatar. This is an extremely rare drop, but the Luck skill will increase the chances of you obtaining it.