Gameplay & Controls

Leveling up in RAID ENCOUNTERS is a common event that grants you three (3) additional skill points to use on your base stats which include:

The sole boost given by this skill is how hard your avatar hits when it makes contact with a monster or raid boss.
This attribute dictates how often you can shoot, how fast your avatar travels throughout the dungeon, and your evade rate.
This skill raises your maximum health points, the amount of health regenerated per second, and your base armor level.
This attribute increases the chance of finding loot, rare monsters, and inflicting a critical strike on an enemy.


Power is, quite simply, how much damage all of your attacks do. Whenever your Avatar makes contact with a Monster or Raid Boss, this stat is what determines how much HP you remove from their pool. Increasing it will slightly raise your base damage for each point, and depending on the armor levels of vulnerabilities of the Monster or Raid Boss you're fighting, it could make a huge difference.

Since this is possibly one of the most important stats in the game, there are not many bonuses associated with it outside of the damage bonus which goes up around 5% per point spent with a Party Level boost stacked on top of it.


Speed is one of the most versatile stats in the game, with a lot of combat-related bonuses that go beyond brute force and revolve around strategy with a decent mix of offensive and defensive capability. Most importantly, your Speed Skill dictates how often you can shoot your Avatar. It also controls how fast your Avatar travels through dungeons, allowing it to bounce off of walls and enemies much faster than a more sluggish, powerful Avatar. It also increases your Raid Party's evade rate, which means if a Monster's attack connects there is a chance that it will miss entirely and cause zero damage.

While not directly related to the amount of Speed stat you have, there is also a very minor Speed boost depending on your level which is useful for huge swarms of mobs. It basically allows your Avatar to hit the same target multiple times in succession faster without as much of a delay between contact events.


Endurance is a measurement of your Raid Party's health and defensive capability. The three main components of this stat are your total health points, your health regeneration rate, and your armor levels. This is definitely the best stat for players who like getting their hands dirty or don't have the dexterity to continuously maneuver their Raid Party out of harm's way.

For Survival Mode, Endurance is a huge boon to survive the larger swarms of attacks and Monsters. You don't want to overdo it, however, or you won't be able to kill fast enough.


Luck is one of the more interesting stats you can raise, and even though its impact is mostly indirect in terms of combat, it can actually earn you significant rewards that will translate to increased defensive and offensive output. The skill does increase your offensive critical rate directly, which means you have a higher chance of dealing double damage in a single hit to a Monster or Raid Boss which is huge over time.

Indirectly, you get a very generous upgrade to loot drop rates and rare spawns. With increased odds of finding loot such as Health Gems, Avatar Upgrade Gems, and other Epic items, you can end up with superior loot that can more than make up for the points you spent in Luck that could have went into Power or Endurance, for example. With a greater chance of Rare Monsters spawning in a Wave, you'll get even more odds of finding loot to upgrade your Avatars and Raid Party.

Leveling Up

When you begin to play RAID ENCOUNTERS, all of your stats will begin at 10 and you will also have 10 skill points available to spend in the YOUR RAID menu screen. Your level will begin at 1. Through slaying Monsters and Raid Bosses in each encounter, you will gain experience (XP) which will accumulate over time to eventually increase your raid party's level. When you level up, an on-screen message will inform you of the event as well as how many skill points you have to spend.

WARNING! If you exit out of the game before you complete the Encounter, your XP will not be saved! Always make sure you exit to the menu screen via the button in the bottom right corner of your screen. You can also save by clicking any of the buttons which pop up during the Death Screen or 'Raid Boss Defeated!' Screen.

After you progress to your next raid party level, which can potentially happen multiple times in a single encounter, the XP required to move to the next party level will slightly increase.

Adaptive Gameplay

Adaptive Gameplay means Monsters will level up with you. RAID ENCOUNTERS will scale all monsters and raid bosses to roughly match your raid party's level. This is to increase replayability in the first encounters so players will never become overly powerful and be able to beat encounters within seconds. This is not to say that leveling your raid party is meaningless, as you will soon find that enemies will hit harder — so you won't be able to stack all of your skill points into Power and expect to face-roll everything. You'll also find that putting all of your points into survivability skills like Endurance will lead to diminished raid defeat times because even though it'll be easier to stay alive, it will also take longer to slay your enemies.