Gameplay & Controls

There are a couple of ways to play RAID ENCOUNTERS, both of which offer nearly unlimited challenge depending on how you wish to tackle your gaming session.


ENCOUNTERS is the regular mode for RAID ENCOUNTERS, allowing you to progress through all twelve (12) dungeons upon beating each one. Each Encounter is broken up into a certain amount of waves depending on the dungeon. You start on Wave 1, which will spawn on a pre-determined amount of monsters. After you eliminate them all, the next wave will begin with two times the amount of monsters. Each wave after that will spawn the same amount as the previous wave plus the amount from the first wave. So if there are 5 Monsters which spawn in Wave 1, 20 Monsters will spawn in Wave 4.

After the first wave, there is a chance for Elite Monsters to spawn in place of regular Monsters. Elite Monsters are typically larger than their regular counterparts, have more health, and hit harder. The amount which spawn in during any given wave is random, but the chance of an Elite Monster spawning increases all the way up until the final wave of the Encounter.

Upon reaching the final wave, a Raid Boss will appear after all the Monsters from that wave have successfully spawned in. Depending on the Encounter, these Monsters will continue spawning until the Raid Boss is defeated, or they can be killed so that you can deal with the Raid Boss one-on-one. In scenarios where Monsters do not keep spawning during the Raid Boss fight, you can also kill the Raid Boss first and then wipe up the remaining monsters. Keep in mind that an Encounter is not complete until the Raid Boss AND all of the monsters from the final wave are dead. The order you choose to carry out your carnage in is up to you and how you.


SURVIVAL! is a mode which tests how long you can stay alive while also killing all monsters in a wave within a certain time limit. Different sets of monsters can spawn in within any wave, including Elite Monsters, but they will all be the same type of monster within the given wave.

There is a countdown timer which keeps you killing monsters, and every time you do kill a monster it will add time to it with a max cushion of 20 seconds. If this timer reaches zero the game will end, so make sure you keep killing monsters and not just running and staying alive!

Power-ups will spawn at an increased rate in this mode (10 seconds vs. 15 seconds in Encounters), and there is also a unique power-up that will add time to the countdown. This power-up will have a better chance of spawning during the final 3 seconds, so make sure to grab it fast before time is up!