Gameplay & Controls

RAID ENCOUNTERS makes it easy to control your Raid Party and Avatar in multiple fashions on PC, both laptops and desktops using a touchpad, mouse, keyboard, and even a touchscreen!

Mouse / Touch Input

RAID ENCOUNTERS is designed to play great on both PC and mobile devices, and there are a lot of measures taken to ensure a universal and accessible approach for players regardless of input device or capabilities. While keyboard use is completely optional, it is required that you at least have a mouse, or a touchpad, or a touchscreen display for shooting the Avatar around the dungeon.

To propel your Avatar and start killing some Monsters and Raid Bosses, you will be clicking or tapping anywhere in the current dungeon. Wherever you click or tap, the Avatar will propel to that location immediately. This is the primary form of interaction in RAID ENCOUNTERS and the only way to do damage to Monsters and Raid Bosses so that you can progress through the game.

Along with combat, you can also use your mouse or finger for everything else in the game including switching Avatars and moving your Raid Party around. To switch Avatars, which will be required quite a bit for the best Raid Times and DPS scores, you can click or tap on the desired Avatar along the left side of the screen. Each Avatar is noted by its icon. If you are using a mouse with a Mousewheel, you can roll it up or down to cycle through all of your Avatars.

You can also use your mouse or finger to move your Raid Party around by simply clicking or tapping them and holding down, then sliding your finger or moving your mouse across the dungeon while holding down. When you lift your finger or release the mouse button, they will sit in place where you drop them.

Keyboard (Optional)

RAID ENCOUNTERS is designed to take advantage of a hardware keyboard if you'd like to use it while playing. There are three sets of shortcuts ready to be utilized if you see fit, and they control the Raid Party and your Avatar selection.

To use the keyboard to move your Raid Party around, you can use the cursor keys (Up, Down, Left, Right) or your W, A, S, D keys (Up, Left, Down, Right). The speed at which your Raid Party moves while using the keyboard will be dictated by your Raid Party's Speed skill, so keep that in mind. You can always switch back to using your finger or mouse to move your Raid Party around as fast as possible without doing a thing.

If you'd like to use the keyboard to switch between Avatars, you can use the number keys at the top of your keyboard (1 for Acid, 2 for Fire, 3 for Ice, 4 for Life, 5 for Lightning, and 6 for Plague). The Numpad is not currently supported.