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RAID ENCOUNTERS offers a variety of different Loot items as well as temporary Power-ups that will make your Raid Party more powerful and versatile. Each of these types of item's likelihood of appearing is influenced by how high your Luck Skill is.


Loot drops off all Monsters, Elite Monsters, and Raid Bosses within any dungeon and even in SURVIVAL! mode. Monsters will only drop Skill Reset Tokens which allow you to redistribute spent skill points. All Raid Bosses have a chance to drop Glowing Health Gems which permanently raise your Raid Party's maximum health up by 50 points.

Specific Raid Bosses also drop Scintillating Gems, which will increase the unique power of the specific Avatar it's designed for. For example, the Scintillating Plague Gem will cause infected Monsters to become contagious for a longer period of time. The Scintillating Ice Gem will cause the Freeze effect of your Ice Avatar to completely freeze Monsters instead of just making them slower.

When you obtain loot, you don't have to worry about equipping anything. The unique powers of the Scintillating Gems are automatically added to your Avatars which will now be designated with a White circle around its Selector on the left of your HUD and also in the Main Menu underneath YOUR RAID. The same goes for Health Gems and Reset Tokens, each of which you can see the count of in the YOUR RAID menu item underneath ENDURANCE and to the right of the SET NOW button, respectively.

Acid Gems

Scintillating Acid Gem

Description: Your Acid Avatar's Armor dissolving effect is now much more powerful.

Where Does It Drop? Green Mire

Rarity: Epic

Fire Gems

Scintillating Fire Gem

Description: Your Fire Avatar's Damage over Time (DoT) effect will now cause much more damage per tick.

Where Does It Drop? The Fire Cult

Rarity: Epic

Ice Gems

Scintillating Ice Gem

Description: Your Ice Avatar will now cause frozen enemies to completely freeze in place instead of slow down.

Where Does It Drop? Deepest Bluest

Rarity: Epic

Life Gems

Scintillating Life Gem

Description: The healing properties of your Life Avatar are now much more effective.

Where Does It Drop? Lair of Coronus

Rarity: Epic

Lightning Gems

Scintillating Lightning Gem

Description: Your Lightning Avatar's Spark Damage will reach further out to damage nearby enemies.

Where Does It Drop? The Panopticon

Rarity: Epic

Skill Tokens

Skill Reset Token

Description: Resets all of your skills to 10, allowing you to re-spend skill points in different ways.

Where Does It Drop? Any Monster or Elite Monster.

Rarity: Epic

Plague Gems

Scintillating Plague Gem

Description: Your Plague Avatar will now cause infected enemies to become contagious after 2 seconds (up from 3).

Where Does It Drop? Necropolis

Rarity: Epic

Health Gems

Glowing Health Gem

Description: Permanently increases your Raid Party's maximum health points by 50.

Where Does It Drop? Any Monster or Raid Boss

Rarity: Rare

Shimmering Health Gem

Description: Permanently increases your Raid Party's maximum health points by 10.

Where Does It Drop? Monsters and Elite Monsters

Rarity: Uncommon

To increase chances of obtaining loot for your Raid Party, increase your Luck Skill.


Power-ups are floating orbs that randomly appear in all Encounters and in Survival! mode. The time between them spawning will depend on your Luck Skill, and only five at a time can be simultaneously available for your Raid Party to pick up. You simply move your Raid Party over them to pick them up which will immediately grant you their power.

The Invincibility Power-up grants your Raid Party infinite life for a few seconds, allowing your party to completely withstand any sort of destruction that comes its way. Whether it's the environment spitting fireballs at you or a Gargoyle turning you to stone and launching CDs at you, you'll be safe.

The Health Power-up instantly restores all of your Raid Party's health, even if you're at 1HP and have a maximum HP of 2,500. If you're already at full health, it is a wise idea to sandbag these for emergency situations.

The Big Bang Power-up will immediately trigger an explosion that does 75% damage to all live Monsters and Elite Monsters. In theory, this Power-up will never be able to kill a Monster unless it's at 1 HP because it will always do 75% damage reflected upon a Monster's current health and not their maximum health.

The Time Power-up will add 5 seconds to your Countdown timer in SURVIVAL! mode and only spawns when that clock dips below 4 seconds. For better chances of having this Power-up spawn in the nick of time, consider putting points into your Luck Skill!